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Solucore Inc. | A Professional Elevator and Escalator Consulting Firm

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Modernizing your Elevator Part Two

You should note that replacement of an elevator leveller is truly the ultimate fix; and usually requires a corresponding upgrade in elevator controllers. In a pinch, a mechanical leveller may be replaced with hoist way switches until a full overhaul is possible.

Controller replacement is the most significant modernization step. In most cases, those looking to upgrade a group of three or more elevators will replace the group or dispatching controller with a new microprocessor that can direct the overall operation of each elevator in that group. Be sure to select a microprocessor that is compatible with both the existing individual car controllers and with the ones that will be installed to replace them, so that the entire system can continue to operate throughout the modernization process.

Elevator modernization consultant engineer have the ability to evaluate many factors and to make split-second decisions to direct cars to serve landing call traffic extremely efficiently. However, those who decide to install a microprocessor also should contract for continuing maintenance from the manufacturer, as diagnostics and adjustments often are exclusive to that vendor. A second option is to find a supplier who offers generic equipment that can be maintained by any competent company.

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