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Solucore Inc. | A Professional Elevator and Escalator Consulting Firm

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What To Do When Faced With An Elevator Accident Investigation

When someone reports that they have been injured or property has been damaged, an investigation ensues. They are a number of cases that undergo such investigation ranging from auto accidents, fire accidents and water accidents.

A common accident yet least known to people are elevator accidents. There are various ways that people are injured when using an elevator. Such accidents can occur when an elevator is moving with its doors open, an elevator suddenly drops and crashes, it moves too fast or suddenly moves in the opposite direction.

When such incidents occur, injured persons are rushed to hospital after which the case is reported and an elevator accident investigation begins. It usually involves determining the cause of the accident and the circumstances surrounding the accident. It is important to have such an investigation whether you are the victim or defendant.

As the defendant, one might be hesitant due to fear of taking the blame but proper investigations might just absolve you of the blame. Experts on the functioning of moving equipment such as escalators and lifts will have to do a thorough analysis to determine the cause of the accident with the aid of the proper authorities. The best thing to do is to be as cooperative as you can.

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