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What Should You Do If You Are Stuck In A Stalled Elevator?

While accidents involving malfunctioning elevators are rare, they do happen sometimes, especially with poorly maintained lifts. As such, it is critical to properly maintain your lift so as to guarantee a consistently high level of safety. According to elevator engineering experts, here are a few basic tips for improving lift safety in the event if it stalls.

Make use of the available communication systems

Most modern lifts are equipped with alarm buttons and communication systems such as phones. Push the alarm or phone button and wait for a response. When pushed, the button places a call to an individual that is trained to take right action. The system also gives the exact location of the elevator and building you are in. A visual signal or verbal response will indicate that help is on the way. Elevators in older building have buttons marked “ALARM” that will sound an emergency alarm within the premises. Trained personnel should make contact with you when they arrive at the building.

Relax and don’t attempt to exit the stalled elevator

You should never try to leave the lift if the vehicle has not returned to the landing position and opened the doors on its own. Trying to leave a stalled lift is extremely risky and calls for trained elevator emergency responders to help passengers so that they can exit in a protected and controlled way. The best thing if you are stuck in a lift is to relax, get comfortable and wait for assistance. While this might inconvenience you, your safety is assured since it is highly unlikely that the stalled lift will come crashing down, even when some cables might have snapped.

Remain calm throughout the ordeal

Although you are trapped in a lift, it is recommended that you stay calm as you are still safe. Never try to open the door manually as this could result in a serious accident. After pressing the alarm button or the phone button, simply wait for trained emergency responders to come and help you out.

Think positively and close out negative thoughts

While being stuck in a lift can be a scary experience, there is nothing to fear. After all, you are still alive. So don’t believe it when your mind keeps on telling you the walls are closing in. Bear in mind that the majority of modern elevators have cameras, meaning you should desist from doing something stupid while in there as you will regret doing so later on. Imagine what people would think of you when they view the tape.

Press the ‘Door Open’ button

Before doing anything else, press the ‘Door Open’ button. If you are on a landing, the door will automatically open. If it does, slowly and carefully step out of the elevator. Since the lift might or might not be perfectly level with the landing floor, it is critical to watch your step and proceed with caution. If the button is not working, then the lift might be utterly damaged. In this case, let someone know about it and wait to be rescued.

Try to look through the gap between the doors of the elevator

If you can see light between the doors, it means the elevator has stopped near a floor. In this case, simply shout for help so as to be released as the doors can easily be manually opened with a key. Don’t attempt to force the doors open yourself. Should you try to force open the doors, and the lift begins working again when you are partway out, you could be in for a nasty surprise.

If you do not see any light between the doors, the elevator has stopped between floors, meaning that no one can be able to help you regardless of how much you scream for help. Simply press the alarm button or communication button and wait to be rescued. If it seems no one is responding, keep pressing the help button until someone comes to release you.




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