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Solucore, a leading North American elevator consultant, welcomes Mr. Bruce Anderson as the Director of Field Operations in New York.

Manhattan, New York – April 26, 2020 – Solucore, a leading North American elevator consulting company, announces that Mr. Bruce Anderson joined the New York operation as a Director of Field Operations...

COVID-19 – What we are doing

Subject: COVID-19 – What we are doing Dear Client, As we continue to monitor Coronavirus (COVID-19) developments closely, the health and well-being of our associates, clients and their associates are of utmost important to us...

Effects of the Corona Virus on Modernization and Construction Equipment

Toronto, ON – We are noticing a trend with respect to the lead times for elevator and escalator modernization and construction equipment. Since many of the major components originate from China, we have concerns related to reliability and consistency of production lines and possible long lead times from the manufacturers of motors, escalators, screens and other major parts...

Toronto-based Elevator Consultant Solucore Acquires Québec's CPAI Inc

Toronto, ON – Toronto-based Solucore Inc., a leading North American elevator consulting company, announces its recent acquisition of CPAI Inc. a Montreal-based elevator consulting firm, allowing it to expand and improve elevator services in the region...

Solucore, consultant en ascenseurs à Toronto, acquiert CPAI Inc. au Québec

Toronto, ON – Solucore Inc., une société de conseil en ascenseurs nord-américaine basée à Toronto, annonce sa récente acquisition de CPAI Inc., une société de conseil en ascenseurs basée à Montréal, qui lui permet d'étendre et d'améliorer les services d'ascenseurs dans la région...

Elevator Giants Merge to Provide Better Service

Toronto, ON – A big merger in Canada’s east coast will mean improved elevator service in an industry that desperately needs it. Toronto-based Solucore Inc., a leading North American elevator consultant, today announced its merger with Scotia Elevator Consulting Limited, a local Nova Scotia based elevator consulting firm...

Canada Not in Elevator Crisis, Local Expert Argues

Recently, Colin Perkel of The Canadian Press published an article about a study showing the fire department is responding to more elevator entrapments than ever before. Published across major Canadian media outlets, the article quoted an industry expert who claimed the industry is in crisis with 4,461 calls to extricate people from elevators in 2015, double the number from 2001...

Solucore Inc. merger with Seaway elevates national presence

Toronto, Ontario – January 29, 2015 – Leading North American elevator consultant Solucore Inc. has joined forces with Ottawa-based Seaway Elevator Consultants to boost services and enhance customer experience across Ontario...

North America's Leading Elevator Consultant Launches The First Smart Elevator in Ontario

Solucore Inc., a leading North American elevator consultant, has introduced ground-breaking elevator technology which enables people to get to where they want to go faster and reduces energy consumption...

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Copper infused stainless steel. How do we get copper in an elevator cab without compromising on the finish of stainless steel.
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