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Solucore Inc. | A Professional Elevator and Escalator Consulting Firm

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Are Residential Elevators Customizable?

Residential elevators have become increasingly popular with homeowners over the last couple of years. Regrettably, a lot of people do not have much knowledge about the options they have when it comes to these very important machines. As such, when they are in a situation where they require acquiring a lift for their homes, it becomes a little overwhelming for them. To start with, it is important to opt for an elevator that is easy to customize while still meeting the standard technical specifications.

Why Add An Elevator Into Your Home?

As a matter of fact, there is a wide range of residential elevators on the market for your selection. So depending on your personal mobility requirements, there is always an elevator type that can best suit your preferences. That being said, there are multiple reasons to install a residential lift in your home. Some of the reasons for adding a lift into your home include:

Does Residential Elevators Require Regular Maintenance?

More and more homeowners are installing residential elevators in their buildings. This means that elevators are no longer solely commercial based. There are many reasons for which a homeowner might decide to include a lift in his or her home. For one, elevators offer better and more comfortable mobility for all that reside in a home. Once a homeowner decides to include a lift in his or her home, there are several things he or she needs to worry about for continued safe utilization and future of his or her machine. With this in mind, here are some tips for how often residential lifts require maintenance.

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What Are Some Of The Questions To Ask Before Installing A Residential Elevator

It is quite easy to get swept away in the hustle and bustle of planning for a new residential elevator installation. However, there are a number of basics that need to be assessed prior to having your elevator installed. This includes asking some fundamental questions before starting on your installation undertaking so as to make the entire process go faster and in a smoother manner. Let’s explore some of the most important questions to consider.

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Top 3 Signs Indicating That An Elevator Has To Be Replaced

If your office or residential building has an elevator that gives the impression of being slightly worn out, then it is probably the time you had it repaired or replaced. Nevertheless, there could be a number of things holding you back from making all that important call to have your problematic elevator repaired or replaced. 

To start with, business operations in your building might be affected depending on the number of elevators installed. There could also be protests from elderly or physically challenged individuals that depend on the problematic elevator to move from one floor to another. Whichever the case, a problematic elevator has to be replaced at one time or another for the safety of all users. With this in mind, here are some sign that your elevator require to be replaced:

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4 Tips For Keeping The Costs Down When Installing Residential Elevators

Having an elevator installed in any given premises is a huge and costly undertaking. And like in other large remodeling or construction projects, there are many stages that have to be considered, and that all have a potential to significantly increase your costs. However, it is quite possible to stay on budget when installing an elevator in your premises. Here are some simple tips to help keep your costs down during an elevator installation procedure.

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Features In Your Elevator Or Escalator That Can Enhance User Experience

Vertical transportation is an integral part of any building, and is essential in promoting easier accessibility and movement. It is no wonder, therefore, that many buildings require space for elevators and escalators in their designs in order to enhance their value and gain a competitive advantage over the others in the market. For this to be achieved, you have to evaluate the type of machine you are installing and the features it comes with. Engage a new elevator and escalator design engineer to ensure that you get user friendly machines that can be enjoyed by everyone.

The 6-Step Guide To Evaluating Elevator Accidents

Elevators exist in tall buildings to ease the movement from one storey to another, hence making all the areas accessible with the least effort and within the shortest time possible. But just as with any other machines, elevators also have their own shortcomings. They may experience problems due to human or mechanical error, and lead to accidents and injury of the passengers or the structures around it. It is the work of the elevator accident investigation team to make an inquiry to the circumstances leading to the accident, and find the party responsible for the misfortune. Such evaluation is done in the following manner.

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How To Manage The Impact Of Excess Water On Vertical Transportation In Buildings

As a homeowner or an occupant in a building, it is important to understand the dangerous environmental conditions that may affect you and the surrounding structures. For example, if you live in an area which is prone to excessive rain, you should be concerned about the possibility of floods hitting your building.

Excess water may also be as a broken pipe or blocked drainage system. To successfully manage such a scenario and avoid damaging your elevators or escalators permanently, consider engaging the services of an escalator consultant to survey the area and provide clear solutions.

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Making Sound Elevator Modernization Decisions To Give You A Competitive Edge

Elevators not only make our work easier when going up and down a building, they also seek to fulfil the psychological expectations created once we reach the lobby. This has led many to concluding whether they like a building more or less. Indeed, for owners of buildings, modernization of their elevator system is a great way of having a competitive advantage over other buildings. Making the decision to modernize involves looking at certain important issues as outlined below.

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