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Effects of the Corona Virus on Modernization and Construction Equipment

Toronto, ON – We are noticing a trend with respect to the lead times for elevator and escalator modernization and construction equipment. Since many of the major components originate from China, we have concerns related to reliability and consistency of production lines and possible long lead times from the manufacturers of motors, escalators, screens and other major parts.

We anticipate minor delays (few weeks) in some cases to major delays as time elapses in production in China and South Korea. While it is a wait and see approach, we expect that if you order or have ordered equipment from China, there may be significant delays which will impact planning and people resources in North American markets.

About Solucore Inc.

Solucore Inc. is a leading North American elevator and escalator consultant with offices in Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Kitchener, Los Angeles, Mississauga, Montreal, New York, Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver. Considered experts and trendsetters in the industry, Solucore elevator and escalator installation consultants use customized tools and services to thoroughly design, inspect, maintain and review equipment. The company is committed to improving and maintaining customer satisfaction, and ensuring that elevators and escalators achieve the highest level of safety. For a complete list of services and capabilities, visit solucore.com.

At Solucore Inc., we value experience and knowledge because there is a discernable difference between practical and theoretical experience.

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As recognized leaders in the industry, we maintain a proactive approach towards growth and technology.

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Copper infused stainless steel. How do we get copper in an elevator cab without compromising on the finish of stainless steel.
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